Wordscapes Hills Answers

Hills are not only naturally raised areas of land but also a cool stage in the Wordscapes game. Use answers and unlock every level in each category right now!

Welcome to Hills, the new stage in the great Wordscapes game! You will have the chance to fill the beautiful views of various kinds of the hill. One of the featured backgrounds is the Chocolate Hills. They can be seen in the Bohol province, Philippines. We will introduce to you all of the correct answers related to five categories like Climb, Above, Fall, Below, and Arrive. They also talk about the journey that you will experience in the next time. However, you can beat every obstacle in another method. Actually, it is possible to conquer challenges or difficulties along your way by picking out the solution that you want. It is really easy to do that because they are available. They are listed, based on the place that they belong to. Therefore, your mission is to scroll down and select the name that you are looking for. Hope you enjoyed!