Terms of Use are useful for us to make our website work successfully and give the user some advantage. They are essential rules that every user should check.

Terms of Use at wordscapesgame.com are available for everybody to read. Additionally, they are helpful for us to manage and further improve visitors’ experience.

Terms of Use are important for both users and administrators

Actually, terms at wordscapesgame.com are necessary for us to increase working together. So, they comprise our respect for your individual data and copyright, with our disclaimer alongside users’ rights as well as obligations.

Therefore, you should spend a little time taking a look at these terms and following them after that. Next, you can play Wordscapes online and explore everything on our site safely. Otherwise, we must clear you from the player list.

The exclusive legal right of wordscapesgame.com and users’ responsibility

Wordscapesgame.com is a website sharing the online Wordscapes game along with Wordscapes Answers to all levels. And, they are possible answers to help gamers solve levels’ puzzles in an easier way.

Meanwhile, we need to create terms of use so the website can run in an effectual manner. Not only that, they will bring something valuable to visitors. In fact, they are rules that include the privacy policy. Don’t skip them before opening anything!

In other words, we’d like to show you that you can share whatever not belonged to our copyright with your buddies. Furthermore, you can do that wherever with no our permission.

However, you are responsible for respecting our copyright. Hence, with our permission, you are able to share them and add the website source or the author’s name after that. So, you can get that permission via email at info@wordscapesgame.com.

It means that the textual content and the present website are our copyright. Thus, you are capable of using and sharing the description of the game with levels, tips & tricks to win, or reviews of the team.

As a result of finding copyright infringement cases, we will send you emails. And, we will release penalties or ban you if you don’t stop that activity. For instance, your name will disappear from the site. 

Terms of wordscapesgame.com also respect your rights

These rights relate to your personal information, account, username, content that you post on your account, and comments you leave below the game. So, you can edit or delete them and do everything, for example, ask us to discontinue collecting your data. 

Moreover, we will protect your information in some ways. At the same time, you should give us a hand to build up a healthy playfield by reporting issues or sending feedback. But, you should not reveal your account data to anybody.

Terms of Use will be rules that are effective for us to generate a comfortable environment for all people from visitors to players. But, they can change over time. Remember to update them frequently!