Check Privacy Policy of to know how and why we collect users’ information! It’s convenient to help us improve our site and your experience.

Privacy Policy available is the policy on the way the website gathers and manages users’ data. It’s safe for them to play Wordscapes and search for answers here.

What is the Privacy Policy of

It is a chapter that includes essential information relating to the user. Additionally, it comprises how the team works on that policy. Not only that, we will show everybody everything we do with their personal data. But, this will make their gaming experience become better.

And, you should spend a little time reading the entire privacy policy before you play Wordscapes online or open answers. Besides, you are able to contact us via or leave a comment if you’d like to share your issues.

Which information do we collect?

In this part, we will point out what we will do to take your individual information at Don’t worry! We promise to protect your data from every compromising case.

List of items that we will save from you

Items or personal information that we will collect from you are the Account and Activity Log. To the account, it will be the username, profile avatar, and email address, along with other info about registration for an account on-site.

But, we do not ask the user to give us their real information. In other words, they can choose and utilize fake information. More importantly, they must be responsible for that.

The activity log will consist of the game you have already joined, the advertisements you have accessed, and things you shared on your account, with comments from the game, etc. Actually, we can record them and it’s not harmful to your device or privacy.

Reasons we collect user data at

We gather user information because we will be capable of keeping in contact with you. Therefore, we can notify you through your email address. Notifications can be the newest updates, answers, or useful tips… Meanwhile, you are allowed to ask us to stop gathering your data.

Secondly, it’s feasible to comment on the website and chat with many online players. In fact, we generated that possibility based on algorithms. These can save and keep your comments’ content. Hence, we always guarantee that the connection is safe so you can get a comfortable experience with other people.

And, the third reason we collect your info is that we hope to send you suitable recommendations or ads depending on the game or anything that you have recently selected.

Finally, we can store a log of users’ activities to manage the content on the website. If we spot something illegal, we can clear it to set a good experience for all. And, it’s necessary to create a healthy environment.

The Privacy Policy of can change at any time. Those changes are essential to make our website fit the present situation. It means that you should update the policies with the terms of use on the current website. You can contact us via whenever you have issues.