Idiom Hunt

Joel December 8, 2022 Logic

Join the Idiom Hunt game and gather words in the right order to win. It's necessary to jump into a word in Idiom Hunt before finishing idiomatic expressions.

Enjoy Idiom Hunt and turn into a special hunter your way. You’d better make use of your limited lives in a smart way so you can complete levels in a short time.

To conquer the goal, you should win levels as many as possible. And, you must collect words if you want to be the winner. Furthermore, it’s important to hop all the way into their position.

Firstly, the words that you are searching for in the current Idiom Hunt word game unblocked will pop up at the top of the playfield when you pick up them.

Meanwhile, the words that you receive will generate a random idiomatic phrase. This phrase will be visible at the bottom of the game field. Besides, it’s not difficult for you to find the phrase’s meaning because it’s at the bottom.

In the logic html5 game that you love, you will have a few lives. Try to avoid collecting words in the wrong order! Otherwise, you will fall off the cliff and lose a life.

Play Idiom Hunt free online you are connecting to a fun html5 puzzle game. Let’s check the four-word phrase in the first level and please read the description!

How to play

Press the arrow keys to move the character and jump

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