Contact us is a part that helps the user solve their issues and allows us to improve the website. Here is the way that you can communicate with administrators.

Contact us at to deal with problems and bugs. But, it’s also workable to share your suggestions relating to your experience when using services.

Which circumstances should you contact us in?

While you are capable of contacting the administrators if you get into trouble with using our website, you also should consider them before communicating with them. So, here are situations that you can apply:

You play Wordscapes online and find that the website’s loading speed is slow. Or, you see that the site is lagging and the game does not save your progress. As well, you can report issues when you cannot connect to answers easily.

Not only that, it is possible to contact the team if you’d like to discuss problems involving your individual account information. For instance, we can support you in correcting your data or block somebody trying to compromise your personal info. Obviously, you can ask us to stop gathering your data.

Next, you can notify us of the site’s policy violations or terms of use. So, we will find a solution when someone posts illegal content, images, or clips. Solving them will bring back a healthy environment, too.

Finally, you can get in touch with us when you are going to suggest games that many people love or when you hope for us to edit policies and terms on the current website. After that, we will analyze and correct them if necessary.

Methods to contact the admin of

There are two different ways that you can utilize to contact us. It means that you are able to select any method that you feel that it’s suitable for your purpose.

With Comment, it is the simplest way when you want to inform something unimportant. You should choose it instead of the following one. There is a box below the game or the answer; you can type what you think. Aside from us, there will be some players who will figure out the right solution.

Secondly, you can contact us via Email at without difficulty. Please give us your display name and the issue’s content in the email! Don’t forget to add your email address and our email!

With the contact us part, you can improve your experience and we can build a better website. Remember to check again all information before sending your email and wait while we are analyzing the problem!